Sunday, July 5, 2015

Once Upon a Time: Introduction to My Blog

    Hello everyone! I decided to start my own personal blog to inspire others with my experiences. I would like to share my last 8 years of experience studying abroad and also want to share some interesting stories from my school life in Baku. I hope that my blog will be interesting and informative for those who plan to go abroad for studying, love to travel, and love to study different languages. Also, people who are interested in learning about Chinese Language and Culture, Psychology, Philosophy, Chess and many other things will find many things to pique their interests here!

    Shortly about Myself:

    I was born, lived and studied in Baku, Azerbaijan for 19 years. After completing my school life in Baku, I left for university education in Beijing. I studied at Beijing International Studies University, China for 4 years and got my B.A. in Chinese Language. 

    At Beijing International Studies University (BISU), I was the President of the Student Union Organization and my main responsibility was event organization. I was also a Member of the Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum (ASAIF) Organization. I loved my time in Beijing and miss it a lot.

    After finishing my studies in China, I decided to get a master's degree in Germany. Germany is an interesting place to study and German university degrees are remarkably well known by employers worldwide. At first, I took my first Intensive German language course from the “EURASIA Institute”. I learnt German language from zero till level C1 in eight months, and then worked almost a year before starting my master’s program.

    After conducting profound research, I found exactly the type of a master’s program that I had been looking for, at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Now, I’m doing my M.A. in the Chinese-European Economics and Business Studies programme. Besides my study, I am working part time. My hobbies & interests are Politics, Diplomacy, Psychology, Languages, Traveling, and Chess.
    I love traveling and have been to more than 13 countries around the world. I remember myself having hundreds of questions before going abroad and wishing someone could give me some important and useful tips. Feel free to ask me some questions if you are interested and I would be more than happy to help!

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