Sunday, July 19, 2015

Don’t Give Away Your Talents

    Other than chess, my biggest hobby in school was drawing. I loved drawing the Caspian Sea, landscapes, animals, fruits, and flowers. I attended school drawing classes and took part in a drawing contest. Also my mom took me to extra drawing classes where I improved my skills.

    I remember one school contest where I drew 3 pictures and 2 of them were presented to the mayor of Moscow who was visiting our school. Now I feel sad that I didn't keep them for myself as a memory.

    Our drawing teacher Firuza Shadybekovna is a very nice person and till today I remember that time improving my drawing skills and enjoying the process.

    I think art is also very important for general development. To learn to see beauty, to look at the world a different way, and to understand other artists and their intentions are all great reasons for learning art. I feel nowadays people are getting more and more materialistic and have no time for hobbies or for enjoying beauty. I hope soon I will start drawing again and am for sure going to share the results here with you. Maybe I’ll illustrate a blog post for you!

    Now I like to go to galleries like the Gallery Berlin-Baku in Berlin and enjoy art from painters from all over the world. What makes the art at the Gallery Berlin-Baku special to me, though, is that it focuses on the relationship between Azerbaijan and Germany. It helps young people focus on their artwork and learning too, since there are exchange programs between Berlin and Baku’s art schools.

    Art is a great way to showcase creativity and appreciate beauty. Try it sometime, and see what you think. And at the end don't give away your drawings! :) Or at least make a photocopy as a memory.

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